Monday, March 31, 2008

Un, Dues, Trois: 1 buttermilk pancake, 2 eggs, 3 strips of bacon

Zazie: a quaint French bistro in Cole Valley. Cole Valley: a quaint neighborhood in San Francisco, California. Now that we have the location pinpointed, let me tell you why Zazie is the perfect place for Sunday bunch—despite the list you will inevitably put your name on, and the twenty minutes (give or take) you will wait to get a table. Plus, the way I see it…the short time you will wait, just gives you some extra time to relax and enjoy your outing, considering the extraordinarily busy lives we all lead. And a line outside a restaurant tends to be a good sign. Lets face it, who wants to eat in an empty restaurant…it is empty for a reason people.

Zazie is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; however, we will be focusing here on Zazie’s amazing brunch! Menu options at this tiny bistro cover quite a range from delicious Gingerbread pancakes and French Toast Tahiti (with caramelized walnuts and bananas) to Dungeness Crab Benedict and Eggs Monaco (prosciutto and tomatoes provencales). The brunch is technically the breakfast menu with a handful of extra items, including eight different sandwiches. Trust me each one is as delightful as the next.

This bistro is perfect for a date or catching up with family and friends. If you are not a talker or you are on an awkward date and need something distracting there are a few tables out in front of the restaurant. This will give you a great view of the ever-bustling Cole Street, and inevitably something to talk about or at least look at. The tables inside are squished together a bit; I guess they are trying to make the best of their cozy little space. The best place to sit is on their deck outside in the back. Drenched with sun (if it decided to come out that day) and toasted up be electric heaters—you get a bit more space and who doesn’t love to eat outside. (I obviously do!) As I mentioned before Zazie is also open for lunch and dinner, and their menu options are no less extravagant or wonderful than their breakfast/brunch menu. Next time you are looking for a delicious place to go for brunch head to Cole Valley and eat at Zazie—it will blow you away.

A Little Note: Zazie is closing for the month of April. The restaurant is getting a little tune up with a new kitchen, and new plumbing and electrical. Don’t worry when they re-open, Zazie will still feature the same delicious menu and the same friendly staff will be back!