Monday, March 31, 2008

Taylors: All American...All Amazing

Taylor’s Automatic Refresher. Enough said, but let me explain. This place is perfect in almost every possible way—the location, the food, the ambiance. Taylor’s is a delicious burger joint located in the Ferry Building (Spot 6) in San Francisco. Location wise it could not be any better, not only it is on the bay with gorgeous views of the Bay Bridge, it is also only a few blocks from AT&T Park and Market Street shopping. Taylor’s serves classic American food including burgers, French fries, and milkshakes—but it does not stop at that. There are eight different burgers including the Western Bacon Blue Ring (WBBR), which is as much of a mouthful to eat, as it is to say. The WBBR is a burger topped with an onion ring, crumbled blue cheese, bacon, pickles, red onion, and BBQ sauce; and that monstrosity is only $8.99.

Taylor’s also offers a variety of sides like garlic fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings, and chili cheese fries. And as I said before don’t think the options at Taylor’s stops with burgers and fries; they also serve chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, soups and salads.

To top it all off the beverage menu has treats for adults and kids alike. If you enjoy a beer or glass of wine with your burger and fries Taylor’s has a wonderful selection including: Fat Tire, Blue Star Wheat, Boont Amber Ale, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet. However, if you are keeping it PG (or you are not 21) Taylor’s also has seven different milkshakes, root beer floats, and mix-ins (malt, Butterfinger, Heath, and Oreo). If I have not convinced you yet that Taylor’s is the perfect placed to go for an ‘automatic refresher’…well then you are a tough sell! But seriously go there.