Monday, March 10, 2008

Bridge Toll $4, Bar Cover $15, Cold Beer $4.75... Getting thrown from a Mechanical Bull PRICELESS

Every night out is bound to have some ups and downs. However, the ups of heading out to Saddlerack, a country western bar in Fremont, CA, far outweigh the downs. San Francisco is not exactly known for its killer nightlife but areas like the Marina, the Mission, and Union Square have some pretty decent bars and clubs. Most of the bars in the city tend to be filled with thirty-somethings or old men; neither group is particularly appealing to a girl in her twenty’s (i.e. me). Saddlerack is exactly the solution for someone longing to escape the San Francisco bar scene.

At first, Saddlerack doesn’t exactly add up considering the fourty-five mile drive, a four-dollar toll on the Dumbarton Bridge, and having a DD (designated driver) is critical because it is quite a hike out there. Looking past the aforementioned facts this country western themed bar has so much to offer. As you walk inside within the first three and a half steps is a huge table of ice-cold beer, if beer isn’t your forte take about ten more steps ahead and you will have one of three full bars. Looking for a quicker less painful way to get liquored up? Lucky for you they have the Pit Stop, which is a barber chair that you pay six dollars to sit in while someone pours alcohol down your throat. Still not satisfied? Saddlerack also has a game room with pool tables and darts, an oxygen bar, a mechanical bull, and fresh made nachos, tri-tip sandwiches, and other delicious treats in Mom’s Corner. The food table is worth noting because it is basically a picnic table run by a bitter old woman, and it even has a sassy sign that warns customers Don’t Mess With Mom. For anyone that has been yearning to country line dance Saddlerack is the perfect place. Between the DJ and live-band, this bar plays non-stop country music with a few pop songs mixed in. This crowd does not need the Electric Slide or Achy-Breaky Heart to line dance, on the upper dance-floor people had a different line dance for just about any song.

I hope I have convinced you that the 45-minute drive is worth it to have some country western fun! Oh and just one more thing…I am not sure if Saddlerack thinks it is in Vegas or something but the bars are cash only and their ATM fee is $4.75, so I strongly suggest you bring your own wad of cash.