Friday, February 13, 2009

seven months of silence

okay, let's just get past it, i haven't blogged in nine months. there i said it, and i'm not trying to ignore it. a lot has happened you'll learn if you stay posted. stories along the way will explain why i've been on a blogging hiatus. but anyway, i'm back and ready to get down to business via ESF assignments and adventures. i am beyond stoked, as in case you were wondering what ESF is, it means eating san francisco. in my final semester at the university of san francisco, in order to satisfy my cultural diversity requirement i am enrolled in a course where i paid fifty extra bucks for tuition to spend a semester with 16 other students eating our way through san francisco. with eight-hundred and fifty dollars the next sixteen weeks are going to be a frenzy of bus rides and hustling for coupons and deals for some of the most eager classmates i've ever had. we are headed to areas like north beach, the mission, haight ashbury, and china town. everyone totally brings a different  quality or angle to our ideas. whether they were raised on a farm, worked in a restaurant, love to garden,  are obsessed with food network, or aspire to be a food writer...each characteristic just adds to the possibilities this class has to do a kick ass job eating our way across san francisco. one of the most diverse and coveted cities in the country, quite possibly in the world. i hope you stay tuned and follow what 17 students and one engaging professor find out, also check in for class updates. 

oh yeah i also coach nine months a year, summers off,  at katherine delmar burkes school (kdbs). i coach two seasons of basketball and one season of volleyball for 5-8th grade girls. it's a blast but a lot of hard work. i have also been interning at the st. anthony foundation in san francisco for seven months in the communications and media department.  

rmc. can of coke. cabo san lucas. picture perfect sunset. love is a funny thing.