Monday, May 12, 2008

Frjzt Fries, Not French Fries

In the heat of finals, I have barely been able to find the time to shower or sleep, much less a night out to discover a great new restaurant or relax with my friends. Before last night, Coke, caffeine, and water, were the only things running through my veins and attempting to fill my stomach over the past 13 days (not that I’m counting). My sleeping habits at the moment are also far from healthy; and I’m honestly shocked that my body isn’t trying to shut itself down, due to my blatant disregard for its needs. Realizing that I had also been ignoring my duties as a blogger, I knew I at least had to grab some grub from a new eatery in town (new to me that is, not necessarily new as an establishment). I only had about a half an hour, because studying for two final exams and writing a fifteen-page analysis of a television show, doesn’t exactly give me a lot of time to enjoy anything except the occasional (and necessary) nicotine fix.Although I didn’t have time to dine-in, I was more than satisfied with my take-out selection from Frjtz, a Belgian Art Teahouse. And no, not just because I haven’t eaten a decent meal in a few weeks. For less than twenty-five bucks, my boyfriend and I were able to enjoy every last bite of the savory crepes and perfectly delicious fries from this Hayes-Valley establishment (note: there is also another Frjtz located on Valencia, in the Mission). Located on Hayes Street in the sassy Hayes-Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, Frjtz’s menu features fries, huge salads, and sweet/savory crepes. The Belgian fries, which are clearly the most sought after menu choice, are available in two sizes (small or large) and accompanied by your choice of any of the 20 original dips.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what would differentiate Belgian fries from the more classic French fries. According to Frjtz Belgian fries are: washed cut potatoes that are blanched in a lower temperature oil, then fried in a much higher temperature to achieve natural crispness without adding extra starches. Traditionally served in paper cones with a variety of dipping sauces!

The dipping sauces at Frjtz cover quite a range of flavors including: pesto mayonnaise, curry ketchup, Thai chili ketchup, ginger orange mayo, and creamy wasabi mayo. The list clearly goes on; however, instead of listing the other fifteen flavors for you, I simply request that you head to Frjtzs yourself, and find the dipping sauce that excites your taste-buds.

Frjtz also offers a variety of Belgian beers, wines, and cocktails. My absolute favorite beer is Stella Artois, which they even serve in the Stella glass. The ambiance of this fried potato haven is laid back, and you can even watch the crepes being made. The items on the menu are also named after famous artists, places, and such; which are great fun to read and try things solely based on the name. The Da Vinci crepe is my and is filled with mozzerella cheese, pesto, and tomato.

Anyway, I strongly suggest taking a trip to Hayes-Valley to enjoy great fries and yummy crepes. Even if you only have twenty minutes or so to spare, you can order to go and be back to work or school or wherever before you know it!