Sunday, April 6, 2008

Search and Find: a great new restaurant!

As you can probably tell, by reading my most recent blog posts, I love to eat out. But hey, what is not to love? Somebody else does the cooking, and more importantly, somebody else does the cleaning. Eating out also lets me experience new cuisines and new neighborhoods. I currently live in San Francisco, where I have quickly learned that each neighborhood seems to have its very own specialty. For example, the Mission District focuses on their amazing Mexican food, North Beach is an Italian’s haven, and China Town…. well, that’s a bit obvious.

To make sure I am not constantly eating at the same restaurants, I rely on things like and the Zagat Survey. is a great site where customers review restaurants, hotels, spas, and so on. The site has thousands of reviews for all types of restaurants in many cities including—San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, and Miami. There are over 4,100 San Francisco restaurants alone! The restaurants are split into different categories, which makes the site easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for. A few of the categories include: neighborhood, cuisine, and different restaurant features like romantic, delivery, or outside seating. The great thing about the Yelp website is, it is constantly updated, and the reviews are from real people. It also has photographs and a place to ask other reviewers questions about anything you might need to know for your perfect dining experience. If you are not into street reviews, Zagat is another option. The downside to Zagat is whether you want to book or want to be a member of their online survey—it costs money. The upside, I think, is the book and website are made up of professional reviews, so you avoid people ranting or raving and you just get the info you came for: price, taste, d├ęcor, and service. Those are just a few suggestions if you are dying to find a great new restaurant!Other options: the restaurant reviews in your local newspaper,, or even try watching the Food Network! Good luck on your quest, hope this helps.