Monday, April 28, 2008

One-Minute Movie Review: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Reasons why you should see Forgetting Sarah Marshall:

The Plot…
Great one-liners
Full Frontal Male Nudity (enough said)

The People…
Beautiful women: Mila Kunis & Kristen Bell
Jason Segel, who wrote the screenplay and starred in the film
Great cameos: Bill Hader

In San Francisco, about a month before FSM was even running commercials or trailers on television; billboards, taxi cabs, buses, and so on were plastered (literally) with ads for the movie. However, the signs read like this “I always hated Sarah Marshall” and “You do look fat in those jeans Sarah Marshall”. At first I had no idea who Sarah Marshall was, all I know is that by the time I saw the fifth or sixth advertisement—I just had to find out! I searched the web for Sarah Marshall and found out it was a movie, written and starring one of my favorite actors! I was stoked. You might be wondering the reason for this little anecdote. I just think that the marketing team for FSM did a phenomenal job to say the least. They had me wanting to see the movie before I even saw a trailer, that’s impressive!

Trust me it is absolutely worth the $10.50 to see it in theaters, I might even see it again!

Even Rotten Tomatoes rated FSM: 85%