Monday, February 11, 2008

A Little Taste of Hayes Valley

Moving to a new city comes with its fair amount of pros and cons. Pros for example may include an exciting new job or school, new friends, and new adventures. And the cons…well they seem more obvious, being far away from family and the life we were used too. When I moved to San Francisco from Chicago, almost three years ago the two big struggles were trying to make a long distance relationship work and trying to find some decent Chicago style deep dish pizza. My long distance relationship ended quickly; however, I met the love of my life! Now it seemed all there was left to do was find some delicious pizza (those two things may not be on the same level for the average person, but Chicagoans are pretty hard-core about pizza)!

After diligently searching I found the answer to my prayers in Hayes Valley, a quaint neighborhood in San Francisco. Patxi’s Chicago Pizza was just the place I had been searching for. The menu isn’t huge but with pizza’s including, The Favorite (Pepperoni, mushrooms and black olives) and Hawaiian (Canadian bacon, pineapple and onions), I promise no one will leave hungry. Colleen Jackson, a Patxi’s regular, said “I try to come at least twice a month, and my favorite pizza is Chicago style with sausage and green peppers.” Patxi’s serves both Chicago style and thin crust pizza and with a large selection of salads this place always hits the spot.

Although it is not exactly like home, heading down to Hayes Valley for some deep dish pizza is a lot cheaper than jumping on a plane back to Chicago. So, next time you move to a new city and you are a little homesick, find yourself the stuff that makes you happy. Which apparently for me were a new love and some awesome pizza?